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Childbirth Class Gale courses in English with partner

Our courses are in English and with partner. Most courses are face-to-face. 

Please register on time (around 20-24 weeks pregnant), the courses fill up quickly!
The best time to follow a course is between 30-36 weeks.

Information about insurance coverage of these courses:
please find your answer on the FAQ page or on the contact page.


ONLINE Classes

Truus is that rare blend of firm, yet kind. Just what I needed as I prepared for the birth of our son and what most people probably appreciate as they approach labour.

I had taken a HynoBirthing course before this one and taking Truus’ class was for me the right combination of information.

Truus is straightforward about the realities of birth and at the same time highly encouraging of everyone in the class – that every one of the women taking her courses can do this. Her support felt motherly, unwavering in her belief in our bodies and birthing abilities, something that rubs off…

We took Truus’ course online and it suited us well – it was convenient with our work schedules and her clear communication style meant we felt we learned as much online as we would have in class.

Helen, August 2020

The mix between scientific/medical background, practical tips, and the supportive attitude of ‘you can do it’ was great!!

We expected the childbirth class to happen in-person. Because of Covid restrictions, it was organized online by Zoom and our expectations weren’t high. We were absolutely wrong! Truus delivered an exceptional online experience where we were engaged every second and learned a lot. We even kept in touch with some of the couples after the birth class. Highly recommended!
Peter & Valentina

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