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Childbirth Class Gale courses face-to-face and ONLINE

Three-weekly courses are still face-to-face, Five -weekly course is face-to-face on Monday and online on Tuesday, One-Sunday 1 part online, second part face-to-face.

To optimise the ventilation in the classroom we invested in a CleanAir Optima ventilation system with UV light to kill the bacteria and viruses. We advise wearing a face mask upon entering the front door and while moving around in the classroom. While seated during the workshop facemasks may be removed if you wish.


We highly recommend the prenatal class of Truus Gale that we attended in 2016.

The course was very informative and good organised. The presentations, movies and explanations were very professional, the atmosphere was friendly and there was enough time to get all the personal questions answered. Thanks to Truus we learned everything we needed about labour in the Netherlands and we were fully prepared for this special event.

Truus’s course completely changed my partner’s and my attitude about the baby coming.  The information and practicing positions made us feel informed and empowered. After the course, we were able to get excited about the baby coming.

  • Truus Gale - Swinkels

    Experienced Dutch midwife
    and childbirth educator.

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