Pregnant with Lillith Turk Hypnobirthing with Barbara Corsetto Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Childbirth Provides info, services and events for parents

Acupuncture/ Chiropractic Sabine Schmitz, acupuncture if your back is troubling you with Lizette Botha for better alignment and easier birth

Massage Miriam Heemskerk Recovery services at your home after the birth Oda Care,  if you are overdue, foot reflexology

Doula General site for doulas with Maartje with Denise, post partum care with Jennifer Walker, or if you are overdue

Postnatal Ola Wysocka,  sleep consultant for babies   postpartum recovery massage with herbal stamps, belly binding  and support for restless babies

Post natal depression or questions: or
088-7885055 Julie Sharon helps you with (re)gaining a sense of balance in your life being a Mam, a partner and a professional at work.

Breastfeeding Breastfeeding course in English, lactation consultant Marieke van Luin, midwife, lactation consultant, coach (breastfeeding Tupperware party at home)

Especially for sporty people International rugby club in Amstelveen. Big youth department. Boys and girls!

General English speaking services for expats Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (Dutch only)

Support Childbirth classes in Ghana: